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You deserve to live in good health, our team of experts are always ready to give you the best medical care and attention with our ultramodern medical facilities.

Expert Staff, Services and Professional Assistance 

When the best hands are needed, the best medical facilities are soughted for, Renewed Mind medical and diagnostic center remains the first point of call. You deserve the best.

You’ll Have Your Own Doctor & Your Personal Treatment

We care a lot about your comfort as you access medical care and so we have made it possible for you to have a personal doctor attending to you at your convenience

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best Medical services in Africa

Renewed Mind medical diagnostic center is located in a serene environment in Asaba, Delta State Nigeria, with state of the art medical and healthcare facilities


Renewed Mind Medical Diagnostic Center (RMMC)

The leading medical diagnostic center in Africa with state of the art facilities

Saving lives is our duty

With an increased rate of diseases and mortality in a depreciating health sector in Nigeria, we are here to provide, the best medical services.

Surgeries Made Easy

We have a team of professional surgeons and consultants ready to help make healing as easy as possible because everyone deserve to live.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services

Online Appointments

We are only a click away, as our team are always ready to receive and process your requests for appointments and consultancy. Its our pleasure

Renewed Mind Medical diagnostic Center Asaba

Providing one of the best medical and diagnostic services in Nigeria

Our Vision
  • Our vision is to be a leader in transforming the delivery of whole person care in Nigeria’s public sector.

Commitment to Community

We believe in making Nigeria a better place, with the problem of infant mortality and a reduced life expectancy, we are here to help.

Easy Online Appoinments

We are a technologicaly based medical organization. You can easily book an appointment with our medical experts online.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of the people we serve by ensuring highly effective, community-based support and care.

Our Health Programs

We have different health plans and programs available to make getting medical help easy and affordable

Top-notch Medical Doctors

Our medical doctors are some of the best and most qualified medical practitioners in Nigeria, trained in the best institutions in the world.







Experienced Surgeons

Our surgeons are some of the best hands around the world, with vast experiences in handling different medical conditions

Emergency Services

We have a prompt response team readily available to respond to all sorts of emergencies irrespective of the time and location.

Quick Appointments

Simply reach out to us and get an appointment, its very easy and convenient, simply send us a message now and its done